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As a dedicated and enthusiastic teacher, I have been teaching since 2006. I am a member of the Société Suisse de Pédagogie Musicale (SSPM) and of l’Association des Artistes Musiciens de Genève (AAMG). I hold a Master of Arts in Pedagogy and a Master’s degree in Music Pedagogy and Performance. My priorities are to teach my students how to practise well and help them become their own tutor. Clarity and efficient practice bring success and self-fulfillment.


Concerts will be organized twice a year. Students are strongly encouraged to attend and participate. Students will also be encouraged to work in a chamber music group and perform for the studio or at other venues (homes for elderly people, schools…).


My ultimate goal is that my students thrive on music and become great musicians with a high artistic sensibility. From the beginning, you will develop or consolidate:

A good posture and body awareness at the instrument. Our first instrument is our body and it is important to feel oneself free of tensions in order to express oneself freely.

A good rhythmic sense. That is the most important aspect to have in order to perform in an organic way. A good rhythmic sense is a must when one plays chamber music or in an orchestra.

The inner voice and listening (of ourselves and the others). It is the basis of expression and artistic sensibility.

A beautiful tone.

Music language (aural skills, solfège).

Then, we will add expressivity of phrases, understanding of musical structures and different styles, and growing mastery of the mechanisms (“technique”) and tone development.


The teaching will be adapted, depending on your level, wishes, and expectations (orchestra, chamber music, solo pieces). Solfège (aural skills) knowledge is not mandatory: we will spend time to discover this language together. I will give you exercises to do without the instrument as well. You will be welcome to let me know about the pieces you look forward to playing, and we will discuss about it. You will have opportunities for playing chamber music: cello duets, cello ensembles, and also play with the piano and others instruments.


Children and teenagers are encouraged to pass a test at the end of every year (organized by the studio or through the Société Suisse de Pédagogie Musicale or l’Association des Artistes Musiciens de Genève), as well as prepare some competitions. However this is not mandatory. For young children, two thirty-minute lessons twice a week are recommended, for optimal results. It has been proved that progresses are bigger and faster when feedbacks are close.

Lessons of 45’ are possible. Fees will be adapted accordingly.

FEES (recommended by The SSPM):

CHF 100.- Lesson fee per person (60 minutes), in Geneva


1213 Petit-Lancy.

1206 Champel.

Everyone can learn music!